Published On: Sat, Jun 16th, 2018

UN criticises US’ illegal migrant children detention policy


Conceding that there is merit in the criticisms raised against the United States over its illegal migrant children detention policy, the United Nations has alleged the US that it is unfair the separate the illegal migrant children from their family members.

As a part of the latest crackdowns, the US recently arrested several illegal migrants. The children accompanied with the illegal migrants were separated from their family members and placed them in the detention centre erected for such children. In order to justify their act before the legal system, the authorities mentioned those detained in the special detention centre for children as unaccompanied child migrants.

The aforementioned action of the US government is the one which has received serious criticism from home as well as from abroad.

Several demonstrations have held across the country in protest against the insensitive move of the Trump led government. Moreover, many International organisations such as the United Nations have come forward against the US with serious criticism.

Anyway, at present, a new draft bill related to the illegal border crossing has been discussed in the US lawmaking house. It is expected that the new bill will resolve many issues concerning the illegal border crossing.


Vignesh. S. G

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UN criticises US’ illegal migrant children detention policy