Published On: Tue, Sep 12th, 2017

UN imposes fresh sanctions on NK

In an effort to prevent North Korea, which has conducted its sixth and most dangerous and provocative nuclear test, from continuing its destructive nuclear tests, the United Nations has imposed a fresh sanctions on the Pyongyang regime.

Unlike the earlier sanctions, China, the one and only supporter of the NK regime, and Russia, the well-known Pyongyang sympathiser, have approved the US-drafted sanction resolution tabled in the UN Security Council. Noteworthy, all the members of the UNSC present at the meeting have unanimously approved the resolution.

As per the International media report, the new sanction will ban exports of coal, lead and seafood.

It is learned that the US has been forced to dilute the sanction resolution as China and Russia has shown reluctance to sign the initial resolution which contained clauses demanding the ban on the oil export and the confiscation of the assets of NK dictator.

It seems that the US is extremely worried about the NK regime and its nuclear capacity.

The NK regime recently developed a hydrogen bomb, forcefully marching towards the elite club of most dangerous nuclear powers. The iron country also, in the recent past, threated to attack the US territory called Guam, forcing the White House to threaten the NK regime in same voice.


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UN imposes fresh sanctions on NK