Published On: Fri, Sep 29th, 2017

UN Myanmar team shows reluctance to discuss ‘Rohingya issue’ with local govt: BBC Investigation Report



In a BBC investigation report, it has been revealed that as the United Nations Myanmar team has possessed a feeling that had they raised the Rohingya Muslims issue with the Burmese government the action would have created a huge rift between the country’s administrators and the representatives of the International organisation in the country, the UN team, clearly exposing where is it week, have shown reluctance to discuss the highly sensitive issue, involving the life of lakhs and lakhs of innocent people, with the concerned.

In the aftermaths of the brutal Myanmar unrest, nearly five lakh people have fled the country. There have been reports that lakhs and lakhs of people have been subjected to terrible human rights violations during the conflict between the, so-called, Rohingya Muslim militants and the Burmese security force.

The International media houses have confirmed that in the pretext of protecting the internal security, the Burmese administration has committed an unacceptable act of ethnic cleansing.

The revelation of the BBC, which clearly depicts the helpless state of the International organisation, is questioning the worthiness of such an organisation. Moreover, as some UN officials have confessed to the BBC journalists that the UN group was discouraged by some top UN Myanmar team members from visiting certain sensitive locations, the credibility of the preliminary investigation made by the UN members has been, once again, spoiled.


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UN Myanmar team shows reluctance to discuss ‘Rohingya issue’ with local govt: BBC Investigation Report