Published On: Sat, Dec 31st, 2016

UN set to vote Russian resolution supporting ceasefire in Syria

A Russian resolution supporting the ceasefire agreement in Syria has been presented before the United Nations for the endorsement. The resolution demands immediate interference of the International agency in the issue and delivery of humanitarian aid across the embattled Arabian country. For last few years, Syria has been witnessing a bloody civil war. It is said that there are several rebel factions fighting in the country including the terrible terrorist organisation, Islamic State. Russians openly support the Syrian government led by President Bashar al-Assad while the Turkish army backs a rebel faction aiming to overthrow the Syrian supremo. Earlier, the US, UK and France advised that the Syrian supremo must step down from the top post in order to re-establish peace in the region. Then, the Russian authorities denounced the move supporting the Syrian ruling government. It is learned that the new resolution has a provision to convene a settlement meeting between the recognised rebel factions and the Syrian government. It is expected that Russia and Turkey are likely to broker the deal between the rebels and the Syrian government. As per the latest report, Assad is less likely to step down from the top post as the ruling government supported by the Russian authorities have an upper hand in the settlement deals. Anyway, the human rights group opines that a ceasefire initiated last day has not been properly implemented across the country, as the country has been witnessing several independent clashes in some remote areas. However, the terrorist organisations like ISIS have been excluded from the armpit of the ceasefire agreement.


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UN set to vote Russian resolution supporting ceasefire in Syria