Published On: Sat, Jun 10th, 2017

UN to launch investigation on DR Congo’s massacre















As the Democratic Republic of Congo has failed to give a satisfactory explanation on the growing unrest in several regions of the country such as Kasai, the United Nations is preparing to launch an International investigation into the massacre and death happened in the country as a part of the disastrous civil war which broke out in June last year. In one of the horrifying event related to the civil war, the mutated bodies of police officials and UN investigators were found last month. The war happening between the government forces and the Kamuina Nsapu militia has claimed several innocent lives. Numerous mass graves have been found in the conflict-prone region. Even though the exact figures are not available at this movement, at least hundreds of people, as per the unacknowledged information, have been killed and numerous others displaced.

It is learned that the International Agency has demanded the complete cooperation of the local government on the proposed investigation. It, as per the report, has sought numerous confidential reports from the local security forces. Earlier, the Catholic Church also interfered in the issue and acted as a mediator to find a solution to the crisis though it did not make any difference. It is the first time that an International agency and the church are strongly interfering in the conflicts happening in the African region. The effort is seen by many as a good, positive, sign. It is totally unfair to shut the door of International diplomacy before the African continent which is struggling due to numerous issues such as the civil war, crippling economy and political and social instability.






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UN to launch investigation on DR Congo’s massacre