Published On: Wed, Apr 10th, 2019

Unbelievable! Doctor finds four bees living inside his patient’s eyes

When a Taiwanese doctor has allowed a woman with swollen eyes to enter his cabin, he has never expected that he would be surprised by her patient. The woman has told him that when she was sweeping an old grave, he accidently suffered the heavy blow of wind. She has also informed him that the heavy blow of winds have swept something into her eyes.

When the doctor has examined her eyes, he has not found any sand particles like what his patient has told him, but he has surprisingly found nearly four living bees inside her eyes.

The doctor has removed all those four bees living insider his patient’s eyes. The doctor has said that his patient has recovered from the danger and has been discharged. The doctor has also opined that his patient would fully recover from the heath difficulty created by the issue in few days.

Overnight, the lady, who has survived the bee attack, has become a celebrity. This is the first time such an incident has been reported from the country. Actually, even the doctor, who has treated the lady, has not come across anything like this before.

The bee which has been found inside the lady’s eyes is of the category sweat bees. This kind of bee loves sweat. It usually poses no danger to human beings. It loves to live around humans.

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Unbelievable! Doctor finds four bees living inside his patient’s eyes