Published On: Mon, Mar 25th, 2019

Unprofessional circumcision kills child in Italy

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A five-month-old Italian boy has lost his life due to unprofessional circumcision carried out in his home with the permission of his parents.

Even through the boy has been taken to the nearest hospital immediately after he has experienced irritation, the medical experts in that hospital could not rescue the child.

This is not the first time that a failed circumcision has been reported in the European country of Italy. In the recent past, a migrant boy has died due to this medical-cum-religious exercise in a refugee camp located near Rome.

Circumcision, though is performed due to medical reasons in rare situations, is majorly a religious practice performed by a religious community that has followers across the world.

This practice is not illegal in Europe. But, in some countries like Italy, it is not performed in the public facilities. On an average, at least 5000 circumcision happens in Italy a year. In reality, at least 50 % of these circumcisions are conducted illegally.

The existence of the illegal factor makes this simple medical procedure, which is hardly complicated normally, complicated.

Anyway, the Italian police have launched an investigation into this matter. The police may even question the parents of the child who has died due to this procedure.

Actually, the unavailability of this procedure in the public facilities in Europe is what that prompts to relay on the illegal facilities offered for relatively a very lower price compared to the private facilities where a heavy price is usually charged to this service.

The preponderance of the migrants who have reached Italy is the members of the community that advocates this religious practice. It is illogical to assume that these migrants will approach private facilities for this service.

It is important to note here that the deceased boy’s parents, who are under the investigation of the Italian police, are of Ghana origin. Is it wrong to assume that the parents might have been forced to rely on the illegal facility due to their incapability to approach the legal alternative?


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Unprofessional circumcision kills child in Italy