Published On: Wed, Jun 21st, 2017

Unrest continues in Colombia; two journalists missing








It seems that Colombia has not yet embraced stability even after several global powers have taken initiatives to contain the bloodshed having been happening in the country since the left-wing extremists took arms to fight the government forces. In one of the latest incidents of violence allegedly perpetrated by the left-wing extremists, two Dutch journalists have been reportedly abducted by the anti-social organisations nourished by the left-wing extremists. The names of those journalists who went missing are Derk Bolt and Eugenio Follender. Derk Bolt is a television presenter and Eugenio Follender is a cameraman. Both are the part of a Dutch TV program, named ‘Spoorloos’.

Both of them have reached the country to take the interview of the mother of the Colombian kid adopted by the Dutch couples as the television program in which both of them work features such stories. It is learned that the authorities lost connection with the journalists after they reached the notorious region, named Catatumbo, in which several armed groups operate. The Colombian authorities have demanded an immediate release of the journalists. Colombia is notorious for its armed extremist gangs. One of such groups, FARC, which has conducted numerous criminal activities in the region, has surrendered and agreed to undergo disarm recently. But, in the country, there are several other minor criminal gangs such as the ELN which have not yet agreed to disarm. If the international authorities wish to reinstate peace in the region, they will have to dismantle all the armed groups operating in the region.





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Unrest continues in Colombia; two journalists missing