Published On: Sat, Jul 22nd, 2017

Uruguay legalises ‘sale of marijuana for recreation purpose’

In a normal point of view, no country can accept the legalised sale of marijuana for the recreation purpose, though there are many countries which use this substance for the medical purpose legally. Creating a new history, Uruguay, the Latin American country has become the first country in the globe to legalise the sale of marijuana for the recreation purpose. The country has defended the move by saying that it is an attempt to control the illegal use of this psychoactive substance. As per the new policy, the customers can buy 10 gm marijuana a week from pharmacies and a total of 40 gm a month. Denouncing the allegation that the country is trying to develop the marijuana tourism sector, the authorities claim that no person other than the permanent residents of the country can use the facility. The law permits the PRs to grow the crop in their home itself. But, those people who are doing it have to register its details, according to the law. It seems that the government has completely brought an illegal network under its supervision. It has been gradually dismantling the network for last four years since it legalised the marijuana trade in the country. A report says that most of the customers of the substance are youngsters aged between 30 and 44. The big question is: how will the government tackle the aftereffect of this legalisation. Is the government has enough capability to handle it?


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Uruguay legalises ‘sale of marijuana for recreation purpose’