Published On: Wed, Feb 21st, 2018

US bans ‘bump-stock’ devices


On the wake of increasing ‘gun attack’ incidents, the United State has imposed a ban on the bump-stock devices, which is used to fire over one hundred rounds a minute.

An International media reports that the United States President, Donald Trump, has inked the document which proposes a ban on the bump-stock devices.

The most disastrous incident which witnessed the usage of this device happened recently in Las Vegas when a gunman killed fifty-eight innocent people with the guns attached to this device.

Since then, the country has been hearing relentless cries of the common people for the imposition of stricter gun control rule.

Many believe that the illicit connection of the Trump-led US government and the powerful gun manufacturers association –the National Rifle Association- is the factor that prompts the government to pay no heed to the common people’s requests.

A couple of days before, nearly seventeen people were killed in a gun-fire attack at a school in Florida.

It is the high time for a civilised society like the United States to think about a tougher gun control rule for the safety of its own people.

There are rumours that the students of the affected school and parents of those affected by the gun attack are going to organise a march in Florida.

Will Trump rewrite the gun rules?


Vignesh. S. G

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US bans ‘bump-stock’ devices