Published On: Sat, Apr 13th, 2019

US court punishes Indian-origin man over charges of child sex abuse

An Indian-origin man has been punished by a United States district court over the severe charges of sexual exploitation of minor. The man has been accused of sexually exploiting a minor and filming the act. Not only has he been accused of committing the heinous crime of sexual exploitation, but also he has been charged for attempting to kill the victim with the help of a notorious criminal. The man has been brought before the justice through a carefully planned undercover operation launched by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

It was through a social media network the man managed to enter into a relation with the minor. The man made the victim believe that he was a modelling agent. Exploiting the victim’s unusual interest in the field of modelling, he managed to obtain a nude picture of the victim. Misusing the image he obtained, he forced the victim to engage in sexual relation with him several times.

When the FBI got a tip-off about the crime, they started responding to the messages the man sent to the victim, posing as the victim.

The FBI agent, posing as the victim, invited the man into the town where the victim lives. The unsuspecting criminal fell into that trap. As soon as the man landed in the town, he was booked by the FBI.

It is one of the most brutal sexual crimes which have been reported in the recent past in the United States. It is the victim’s courage that has helped to the agency to solve the crime in such a short span of time. It is true that had the victim showed no courage to speak out loudly the humiliating experience she had went through, the man would have harmed many more using this modus operandi.

In this case, the FBI deserves a social appreciation. The FBI has not only proved the case, but also derailed the assassination attempt plotted against the victim by the culprit with the help of a criminal gang, which has a notorious criminal background.

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US court punishes Indian-origin man over charges of child sex abuse