Published On: Thu, Aug 10th, 2017

US-Cuba relations hit new low

Dismissing the hopes generated during the year 2015 when the United States and Cuba created a strong bilateral relationship ending the fifty years long rivalry, the Washington-Havana bilateral relation has hit a new low as the western power has expelled two diplomats of the communist country accusing the latter of colluding to cause serious physical symptoms on the former’s diplomats working in the iron curtain country. Though the United States has not directly criticized the Cuban regime over this issue, the concerned officials have alleged that their officials working in the Cuban embassy have been complaining about the strange physical symptoms for last few months. It is learned that the US authorities have brought back many officials from the aforementioned embassy due to the aforesaid issue. Both the US authorities and Cuban authorities are separately investigating the issue. The interesting fact is that neither Cuba nor the US has identified that why the officials working in the embassy suffer the strange symptom. There have been reports that the reason behind the strange symptom is a device placed outside the embassy. As per the report, the device emits some kind of sound wave which is not audible to the ears and causes serious health issues. Anyway, it is learned that the Cuban authorities have asserted that they would not do such a provocative act. However, it is unlikely that the US authorities will lend ears to the Cuban statements.


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US-Cuba relations hit new low