Published On: Fri, Dec 30th, 2016

US expels Russian diplomats; Kremlin pledges to avenge

While reacting to the US government’s move to expel the Russian diplomats, the Russian representatives asserted that they would avenge the expulsion of thirty-five diplomats from Washington. Earlier, the US government alleged that the Russian government interfered in the US presidential election and supported the Republican candidate indirectly. Supporting the allegations, the US intelligence agency identified that the Russian hackers stole numerous sensitive emails from the Democrats election camp. These emails were later published on the WikiLeaks website. In a report, the US agency opined that this action indirectly helped the Republican Party. Meanwhile, the Russian government rejected the claims made by the US authorities saying they had no role in it.  Interestingly, the then Republican presidential candidate and present US President-elect, Donald Trump, denounced the move and released some statements supporting the Russian camp. Anyway, the new sanction imposed on Russia by the US government worsened the bilateral relation between both countries. It was told that the Russian government might not take a strict action against the US government immediately. The Russian reportedly considered it as a Democrat’s revenge against the disappointing election result. They were also well aware about the fact that the whole scenario would change after January, in which the Republican representative would be inducted in the top post replacing the Democrat representative. Interestingly, the Russian embassy to the UK, through their twitter handle, criticised the US’ move and posted a satirical picture of a lame duck mocking the US President and calling him by the same name.


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US expels Russian diplomats; Kremlin pledges to avenge