Published On: Mon, Feb 12th, 2018

US files lawsuit against ‘Weinstein Company’


The United States has filed a lawsuit against the Weinstein Company for failing to protect its staffs from Harvey Weinstein, who is facing charges including sexual harassment and rape charges.

As per the report, the aforesaid lawsuit has been actually filed by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

It is said that not only the company, but also Mr Weinstein and his brother, Robert, who is the co-founder of the tainted company, are mentioned in the lawsuit filed by the New York Attorney General.

If the court finds there is merit in the lawsuit, the company will be directed to give a huge sum as damages and penalties.

It was alleged that Mr Weinstein sexually abused and harassed several lady staffs employed by the studio which functions under the company. Moreover, it was also alleged that the company authorities kept a blind eye on severe serious allegations such as sexual abuse allegations raised against Mr Weinstein.

Anyway, all these allegations were denounced by Mr Weinstein, who still stands firmly in his statement that he never indulged in any kinds of non-consensual activities with his staffs.

However, the Weinstein Company has not publically responded about the law suit filed against the company.

Several people who believe that the sexual abuse culture should die have welcomed the move taken by the US.


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US files lawsuit against ‘Weinstein Company’