Published On: Thu, Mar 14th, 2019

US gangster Frank Cali brutally murdered

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Frank Cali –the boss of one of the five crime families which has been ruling the United State city of New York for decades (that is the Gambino crime family) – has been brutally murdered by an unidentified suspect outside his home in the United States.

As per an eyewitness’s account, the murderer has shot the gangster several times and ran him over before escaping the crime scene. According to a media report, though the gangster’s relatives have rushed to the crime spot immediately they could not prevent the crime from happening or find the identity of the murderer, who escaped effortlessly in a blue car parked next to the gangster’s home.

The US-Italian crime families are very powerful in New York. The crime families control almost all criminal activities happen in that part of the country and some regains nearby that. It is the first crime family boss who has been murdered in less than three decades.

The New York police have commenced an investigation into the murder of the criminal family boss. It is less possibility for the involvement of other criminal families in the murder of the gangster, as there is an active framework exists to avoid the occurrence of conflict or unhealthy difference of opinion between the crime families.


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US gangster Frank Cali brutally murdered