Published On: Wed, May 24th, 2017

US likely to reduce welfare spending

 In contrary to what the Republican leader promised during the US Presidential election campaign, the US government led by President Donald Trump has proposed to reduce the welfare spending and to increase the national security and defense spending. In this short period as the supremo of the country, Trump has ditched some of his hardliner policies such as the tough anti-Muslim policies and the tough protectionist policies. Indicating this, in his maiden foreign visit, he has visited Saudi Arabia in order to strengthen ties and meet several other leaders of Islamic countries. It is learned that he has also dropped his opinion regarding the NATO spending and agreed to strengthen its support to the organisation. Anyway, his government’s welfare cult is likely to affect the food stamps, healthcare assistance for poor, financial aid to jobless and even the financial assistance to disabled. The Trump administration claims that the policy is intended to make the people work and to make them less dependent on the welfare money. As per the report published in 2016, the total people seeking the food stamp aid rose to 44 million from 28 million within a small period of eight years. However, the new policy, which extensively reflects the unrealistic view of an elite class businessman about the country he has been living since his birth, is unlikely to be supported by the Republican-dominated Congress as not all members elected to that house are from a social sector where the human are only considered as a component necessary to make surplus and profit.


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US likely to reduce welfare spending