Published On: Fri, Dec 2nd, 2016

US president-elect selects James Mattis as defence secretary

Acknowledging the achievements and contributions, the US president-elect, Donald Trump, selected General James Mattis as his defence secretary. He formally declared his decision in a speech in Ohio, saying Mattis is the best man for the proposed job. Experts opined that he publicised his decision in the start of the ‘USA Thank You Tour 2016’ itself because he wants to make his foreign policy crystal clear. Earlier, the US president-elect publically praised Mattis by calling him the ‘true general’s general’. Experts added that the US force would wholeheartedly welcome Mattis’s appointment as the defence secretary. He is the most popular and most respected person among the US force, the experts further added. Anyway, there is a constitutional hurdle before the Republicans. As per the US law, the government could not appoint a retired officer as defence secretary until he completes seven years after the retirement date. It is not very hard for a Republican-dominated congress to pass such an amendment. Mattis was an aggressive critic of the Obama government’s foreign policy, particularly its military policies in the Middle East. He led the US force in the first Gulf War and Afghanistan war. He played a vital role during the invasion of Iraq and the Battle of Fallujah. After serving as a commander of the US Central Command, Mattis retired in the year 2013. The Democrats are expected to raise voice against Mattis’ appointment as the Defence Secretary.


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US president-elect selects James Mattis as defence secretary