Published On: Wed, Mar 7th, 2018

US President’s prime economic policy advisor Gary Cohn resigns


Gary Cohn, the prime economic policy advisor of United State President Donald Trump, has resigned his post, pushing the Republican-led regime of the country in a state of deep trouble.

This is not the first time the country has witnessed the resignation of a high-profile leader. In the recent past, the United States witnessed several high profile departures. Recently, a couple of days ago, Hope Hicks, who worked as the communication director of the White House, resigned from his post.

Like his predecessors, Mr Cohn has also given any convincing reason on why he has taken such a decision.

The resignation of Mr Cohn coincides with the unofficial announcement of an ambitious proposal by Mr Trump to impose tariff on aluminium and steel import.

As per an unofficial report, a couple of days before, the resigned economic adviser organised a meeting between the business leaders who are not in favour of the US’ proposal and the president to convince him that he should step back from the proposal.

It is learned that not only the president declined from attending the meeting, but also he summoned the economic advisor to his cabin in order to force him to declare his support for the project through a public meeting.

It is widely believed that it is the proposed tariff on aluminium and steel import has prompted the resignation of the advisor, who is a relentless preacher of free trade.


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US President’s prime economic policy advisor Gary Cohn resigns