Published On: Fri, Aug 4th, 2017

US Prez urges Mexican supremo to stop talking about ‘The Wall’







The United States President, Donald Trump, urged his Mexican counterpart, Enrique Pena Nieto, to stop talking about the ‘Proposed Wall’, which is going to be erected in the US-Mexico border region soon. The provocative statement was made during a phone conversation between two leaders, who possess two different opinions on the issue of ‘erecting a wall in the border region’. The transcripts related to the controversial phone conversation have been publicised by one of the leading media houses of the United States, the Washington Post. The transcripts indicate that the conversation was offensive in nature.

The reports say that the US president informed the Mexican supremo his conversation with the Russian chief was far better than the conversation between them. During the presidential campaign, the then Republican candidate Trump used the ‘Mexican Wall’ issue as the main campaign weapon. During the campaign, he assured he would erect a wall across the US-Mexico border. Since the US administration initiated its effort to construct the wall, the Mexican regime has been aggressively opposing it by saying that Mexico is not going to pay for the proposed wall project. The wall issue and the anti-migrant policies have turned the Mexican administration into the prime rival and critic of the White House. It is not clear how Washington would de-escalate the tension between the two administrations which control the most productive economic zone in the North American region. It is necessary that the authorities should find a feasible solution to resolve the issue of migration and wall.







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US Prez urges Mexican supremo to stop talking about ‘The Wall’