Published On: Fri, Dec 23rd, 2016

US shields Israel again in UN

With the strong support of the United States president-elect Donald Trump, Israel again escaped the settlement issue. This time, the Egyptian authorities, who tabled a resolution demanding the UN intervention to stop Israel from building new settlements in the disputed regions, backed from voting at the last moment. It was learned that the US president-elect contacted the Egyptian authorities for Israel and prompted them to change their stand on the Israel issue. Earlier, the US government decided to abstain from the UN voting over the Israel issue. Forecasting the trouble, the Israel authorities contacted the US president-elect, who publically announced his support to Israel, and requested his support. It was told that the UN future supremo personally contacted the Egypt chief, Abdel al-Sisi, who later opined that the new US leadership should be given time to study and resolve the issue. Earlier, Trump claimed that United Nations could not impose peace in the Israel-Palestine region. He added that it would be only possible through direct talks between the two affected countries. As per the report, the Israel supremo Benjamin Netanyahu thanked the United States for the support and unofficially confirmed that his government sought support from the US president-elect. Meanwhile, some non-permanent members of the United Nations, such as New Zealand, Venezuela, Malaysia and Senegal, asserted that they would move forward with the resolution even if they Egypt dropped the resolution. The fact was that the Obama administration had tactically planned to ditch the Israel government.


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US shields Israel again in UN