Published On: Mon, May 22nd, 2017

US supremo visits Israel











US President Donald Trump, who is on his maiden foreign trip, has visited Israel, giving a clear message that his regime is more close to the Jewish nation than his predecessor’s. According to the report, he is likely to discuss the Israel-Palestine issue in the discussion session with the Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, even though he is in favour of an opinion that the issue between Israel and Palestine needs no external interference and has to be resolved internally.

Earlier, last day, the US supremo visited Saudi Arabia, one of the prime partners of the world’s most powerful country. While speaking at a meeting convened by the Saudi Arabian leaders, the Republican hero last day urged the powerhouse of the Arabian region to compact the global Islamic terrorism effectively and to take the lead to do so. Trump also used that opportunity to criticize Iran, saying it is instrumental in disturbing the regional stability and in nourishing the sectarianism and terrorism in the region. Anyway, the US president’s visit to Israel in this crucial juncture is very important as many western powerhouses have recently expressed their reservation about Israel’s aggressive expansion policy publically. It is to be noted that Palestine has recently expressed its willingness to negotiate the new terms and conditions necessary to establish peace in the region. Many hope that Trump’s visit might do wonders and help both countries to regain stability. It is the high time to create a feasible solution to this sensitive issue. If the US really wishes to see stability in this region, it should resolve this issue at first.







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US supremo visits Israel