Published On: Tue, Dec 19th, 2017

US suspects NK’s involvement in WannaCry attack


WannaCry ransomware attack on desktop screen, notebook and smartphone, internet cyber attack with Anonymous calling on smart phone to get the ransoms payment to decrypt the code

The United States, just like other countries which experienced the WannaCry cyber attack, is suspecting the involvement of North Korea in the attack.

It is not the first time the US has made such an allegation. But, it is the first time the US has firmly said that the country has evidence to justify their allegation.

Earlier, the US claimed that they had reasons to believe that North Korean regime was behind the attack.

Anyway, now, the United State has asserted that there is no doubt in the fact that NK is behind the cyber attack. The country has also said that it has evidence to prove it.

A couple of months before, the cyber virus ‘WannaCry’ directly affected nearly three lakh computers operating in nearly one hundred and fifty countries.

There have been reports that most of the affected computer’s owners had to pay a huge sum as ransom in the form of Bitcoins to unlock the computers which were affected by the attack.

It has been said that it was a defect in the lower versions of windows which helped the virus to sneak into the systems.

During that time itself, there were reports that it was a well-organised crime and some powerful players were behind it.

However, the US has now asserted that they would use all means to stop the communist autocratic countries from indulging in such criminal activities.


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US suspects NK’s involvement in WannaCry attack