Published On: Thu, Apr 20th, 2017

US suspicious of Iran’s activities

A statement, made by the US secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, which says that Iran is conspiring to destabilise the peace process of Middle East by provocative actions, clearly indicates that the US government is suspicious of Iran’s activities. The new statement came hours after the United State President, Donald Trump, had asked for a review in the Iran nuclear deal, which was inked during Obama’s regime. The Iran has maintained a diplomatic silence on the new political developments. It is not yet clear whether any high authority of the country has insisted them to maintain that state or not. Earlier, when the US alleged that Iran had accumulated nuclear arms and ammunitions and tried to develop nuclear weapons, the country refined from giving any provocative response, staying in their point that they had no such plans. It is learned that the US suspects the Middle East country may follow the path of North Korea, which is continuously creating headaches to the imperialistic America. Iran is located in a position having enormous strategic importance in terms of trade as well as defence or security. Iran always stays as a potential threat to Israel. It is suspected that Israel, the top strategical partner of the US, will be the prime victim if Iran manages to develop or accumulate any kind of nuclear weapon. Many believe that the west is purposefully creating problems in the Asia-Pacific region as the power is slowly moving towards this region from the Atlantic region. It is pointed out by many that the disturbance in the Middle East and Korean peninsula region is an artificial repealing force formulated by the west to foil the natural power shift.


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US suspicious of Iran’s activities