Published On: Mon, Jan 7th, 2019

US to erect steel wall across US-Mexico border


As the US President’s decision to erect a concrete wall across the US-Mexico has received serious resistance from his opponents, Donald Trump has suggested the possibility of erecting a steel wall across the border.

Mr. President has claimed that the new decision would help the steel companies of the country extensively.

He has expressed confidence that his opponents, primarily the democrats, would agree with the new plan aimed to erect a strong, as well as durable, wall across the controversial border.

The republicans, who share the same opinion as that of Mr Trump, are of the view that the lack of a strong physical wall in the border amounts to the unchecked infiltration of criminals into the country. They consider the proposed wall as an essential, as well as, unavoidable element for the security and economic stability of the country.

Yearly, thousands of people try to enter the financially prosperous US through the US-Mexico border. A considerable number of them end up in the hand of the US border security persons, who are deployed in the region to contain the illegal infiltration.

Many disbelieve the opinion of the US that those trying to infiltrate into its territory are criminals coming to create instability. They are of the opinion that most migrants are there to search of solution to the poverty and violence they have faced in their home country.

For the US, the proposed wall is a protection; for other, it is an obstruction.


Vignesh. S. G

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US to erect steel wall across US-Mexico border