US to remove TPS offered to Haitian immigrants


As part of the United States’ tough anti-immigration policy, the country is set to remove the Temporary Protection Status offered to the Haitian immigrants.

The TPS has been protecting the Haitian immigrants from the disturbing process of deportation since it was introduced in the year 2010 after the occurrence of a devastating earthquake which brought catastrophe in Haiti.

At present, nearly fifty thousand peoples are enjoying the benefit of the Temporary Protection Status. The important fact is that a considerable number of those who are enjoying it are women and children.

Announcing its plan to terminate the TPS offered to the Haitian immigrants, the US administration led by President Donald Trump, who is the prime campaigner of the anti-immigrant policies, has claimed that the situation in the earthquake affected Caribbean country is now stable and can provide a better life to its citizens.

It is learned that the protected status of the Haitian immigrants will end on July 2019. In that sense, the Haitian immigrants will get only eighteen months to decide whether they will face the deportation or go back to their country, which, in their opinion, has no resource to properly feed them.

In the recent past, a similar step was taken against the Nicaraguan immigrants by the US administrations.


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US to remove TPS offered to Haitian immigrants