Published On: Mon, Aug 14th, 2017

US to take a tough stand on Venezuelan issue

US Vice President Mike Pence’s statement, which defends US President Donald Trump’s remark that the White House would consider military intervention to resolve the Venezuelan power crisis, suggests that Washington, D.C. is likely to take a tough stand against Caracas in the near future. Mr. Peace has commenced his regional tour covering some prominent regions in the region. Venezuela has been witnessing a severe political tension for last few years. It is said that the MUD coalition, which is said to be supported by the US, is leading the dissent voices. Mercosur, the powerful economic block comprising of some developing countries situated in this region, has been putting pressure on the Venezuelan regime for last few months. Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombo and Peru are the prime countries located in the region which demanded an immediate solution.     Some observers have commented that the Trump’s comment, in a sense, has given a new impetus to the Venezuelan President’s claim that the US is trying to topple his government to get hold of the country’s oil reserve. Since the beginning of the political crisis, President Nicolas Maduro has been firmly standing beside his statement that the US is behind the political tensions and is giving support to the opposition parties. It is learned that had the United States not given a direct statement against the Venezuelan regime, the regional countries would have strengthened their pressure and eventually the socialist regime of Venezuela would have stepped down.


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US to take a tough stand on Venezuelan issue