Published On: Tue, Feb 21st, 2017

US VP meets EU chief and NATO head, assures support


In contrary to the media speculations stating that the US President, Donald Trump, have an offensive attitude towards the European Union and NATO, the United State Vice President, Mike Pence, has reassured his country’s support to the elements which strengthen and support the European Union. Meanwhile, the leader reminds the European countries that all NATO allies should take equal responsibility and spend their share of fund properly. It is seen by many as the reflection of the Trump’s policy in the US’s foreign policy, which has recently, or more particularly after the inception of the new US supremo, shown a close affinity towards the Russian foreign policy. The NATO members are to spend two per cent of their GDP as their defence spending. It is said that many NATO allies fail to meet that requirement regularly and that attitude puts more burden on the US government.

NATO was primarily organised to protect the European countries from the threats posed by the then USSR.Over the years, NATO has emerged as one of the most powerful defence alliance force existing in the world.The US is the prime protector of NATO and the force consumes a huge chunk of wealth from them every year.Earlier, an offensive statement, made by the US supremo, against the EU and NATO, created many apprehensions among the members of European Council as well as the allies of NATO.Anyway, the positive statements given to the International Media by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and European Council president Donald Tusk indicate that all concerns have been addressed by the US representative properly.It is confirmed that the VP has the blessings of the Trump’s regime in his venture to make the EU more powerful and responsible.Is this a warning to Germany?





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US VP meets EU chief and NATO head, assures support