Published On: Wed, Jun 20th, 2018

Use of cannabis for recreational purpose no longer a crime in Canada


Canadians are one of the largest consumers of cannabis in the world. It seems that the ruling government is not interested to invite the ire of the cannabis users of Canada. The liberal party led government of Canada has successfully moved a bill seeking the legalisation of the recreational use of cannabis in the country. By doing so, the ruling party has paid compete justice to the assurance that it gave to the Canadian population in relation with the recreational use of this drug.

It is the second country in the world which have legalised the sale of cannabis for recreational purpose. Uruguay is the only other country in which the sale of cannabis for recreation purpose is totally legal.

It has not been an easy task for the liberals to push the bill through the lawmaking house. During the process, it has faced serious opposition from the conservative who have denounced the law citing that it would harm the future generation of Canada.

Anyway, the bill has bestowed the right to decide the framework for the recreation use and sale of this drug to the respective provinces.

Even after the implementation of the law, the illegal sales of cannabis, the possession of cannabis more than the proposed limit of 30 grams and the sales of cannabis to minors will be a serious crime inviting severe punishment.

Can the legalisation of cannabis reduce the illegal sale and usage of this drug among the Canadians?


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Use of cannabis for recreational purpose no longer a crime in Canada