Published On: Sat, Apr 8th, 2017

Venezuela: Capriles banned from public office


The Venezuelan opposition leader, Henrique Capriles, who is the governor of Miranda, has been banned from the public office, giving strength to the allegations that the country’s government is using a controversial provision in the constitution to shut down all the dissident voices. Mr Capriles is one of the most powerful opposition leaders of the country and he is considered by many as the powerful opponent of the country’s supremo who has lost his popularity due to the worsening economic crisis. For last few days, Mr Capriles has been organising strong protest across the country against the country’s leaders who announced that the US companies are responsible for derailing the country’s economy. In the last general election, President Nicolas Maduro had narrowly defeated his opponent, Mr Capriles.

This time, in the upcoming general elections, if Mr Capriles contests against the supremo, most probably the former, as per the analysis of many, will grab the post from the latter. Even though it is said that the ban has been imposed because of some official issues, the fear of losing the election, many believe that, has prompted the conserved authorities to take this extreme step. It is not the first time that this provision of the constitution is being misused. Earlier, several political leaders including Maria Carina Machado and Daniel Ceballos were silenced using this tactics. Continues usage of this tactics proves that the government believes no politician will love to work for the people if he is barred from taking the public office. It seems that this time the Venezuelan government will not earn any benefit from imposing this tactics as the opposition leader has asserted that no matter, whatever happens, he will stay with the people and work for them. The Venezuelan government is presently undergoing a severe financial crisis so the country is in a state of turmoil. The new political development is likely to worsen the crisis.









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Venezuela: Capriles banned from public office