Published On: Mon, Jul 31st, 2017

Venezuela conducts constitutional assembly elections

Highlighting the constitutional assembly elections as the victory of the ruling Venezuelan government which has been facing a severe survival crisis for last few months due to the raising economic instability, the government supporters have claimed that the high turnout witnessed during the aforesaid election symbolises the depth of support enjoyed by the socialist regime. As per the report, the ruling regime has asserted that nearly half of the total voters have cast their vote in the election. Meanwhile, it is learned that the opposition has alleged that nearly eighty-eight per cent voters have abstained from the election. The country has witnessed protest during the controversial constitutional assembly election. The shocking report is that nearly ten people have been killed during the violence broke out during the controversial election. While speaking to the media personals, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has expressed happiness in the new political development. There are nearly five hundred seats in the constitutional assembly. The constitutional assembly election is conducted to elect members for this assembly. The assembly has the complete authority to discuss and adopt the provisions of the new constitution. If the ruling party gets upper hand in the assembly, it can make laws in favour of their ideologies and goals. The opposition has organised protest across the country in order to express their disagreement over the, so called, flawed election process, which has been allegedly conducted using force.


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Venezuela conducts constitutional assembly elections