Published On: Wed, Jun 28th, 2017

Venezuela suffers severe crises

The Venezuelan government which is suffering a huge financial crisis is slowly falling under the clutches of severe internal crisis, with its own permeant executives launching attacks against the ruling government and the country’s institutions which back the political executives. In one of the latest such incidences, an unidentified man has attacked the country’s temple of justice with grenades.   The video of the terrific act done by the unknown bomber is circulating in the social media networks. The International Media houses have reported that the person who carried out the attack is a police officer. The media houses have claimed that the attacker has released anti-government statements before carrying out the horrific act. It is said that the raising corruption and criminalisation among the political executive have prompted the attacker to launch an attack against the Supreme Court. Though the Venezuelan authority has confirmed that it has suffered an attack, it has not shown any enthusiasm to confirm who has carried out this attack and whether the attacker is a police officer or not. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan supremo, Nicolas Maduro, has called it as a ‘terrorist attack’. It is apparent from the video circulating in the social media that the attacker is an expert piolet. As per the latest report, approximately four grenades have been dropped and numerous gunshots have been made. No report regarding the causality rate has been publicised. At this moment, it is not clear whether any prominent judicial or political figure has been injured in the unexpected attack.


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Venezuela suffers severe crises