Published On: Sat, Apr 22nd, 2017

Venezuelan clashes still continuing

Severe clashes are still continuing in a certain remote region of Venezuela, putting the leftist party into a deep crisis.Nearly nine people have died so far due to the endless violence have been going on across the state since the opposition called for a protest recently. The opposition parties demand that the ruling government should call for the regional elections which have been delayed since last year due to the adverse interference of the ruling party.

The release of nearly hundred opposition activists who have been illegally detained by the ruling party has also found a place in the demand dossier. It is reported that on the pretext of the security raids some are practicing some kind of institutional loot. It is not clear that how the country which has been continuously battered by the economic crisis will overcome this crisis as it has not yet recovered from the clutches of economic crisis. The ruling Socialist Party and it supremo, Nicolas Maduro, suspects external involvement in the mounting crisis. It is alleged that the external parties are triggering and funding the internal groups which hold same view as the capitalist groups to make the disturbance in the region. The supremo asserts that he will not succumb to any kind of pressure tactics, while the opposition demands that the ruling party should respect the autonomy of the opposition party.





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Venezuelan clashes still continuing