Published On: Fri, Jun 30th, 2017

Venezuelan court suffers strong flak; attorney general faces trouble

The Venezuelan court has suffered strong flak over its move to ban the attorney general, Luisa Ortega Diaz, from leaving the country. As per the report, the court has imposed a travel ban on the attorney general and unjustifiably seized her assets.The Venezuelan court is dominated by the supporters of the Venezuelan regime. The attorney general is one of the most prominent critics of the ruling government which is presently suffering strong crises. The opposition and those people who support the attorney general believe that the Venezuelan supremo, Nicolas Maduro, is trying to remove the attorney general from the position and to replace her with a government loyalist. The Venezuelan court has claimed that the attorney general has committed some serious errors, but has not clearly mentioned why such an action has been taken swiftly. Earlier, Ms Diaz accused Maduro regime of using the judiciary to strip the country’s Congress of its powers. It is learned that since the day she emerged as a strong critic, the Supreme Court has been diluting her powers. The country at this moment is politically as well as economically very week. Last day, unexpectedly, the country’s temple of justice suffered a terror attack. It is apparent that the country’s Congress is presently under the control of the opposition parties so day by day the president is losing his grip over the administration. Some allege that the president is purposefully creating troubles in the country in order to save his position.


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Venezuelan court suffers strong flak; attorney general faces trouble