Published On: Fri, Jul 14th, 2017

Venezuelan SC bomber calls for a strike against govt

While the Venezuelan government is desperately searching for the bomber who attacked the country’s Supreme Court, the attacker, Oscar Perez, is freely travelling around the country attending the public programs organised by the anti-government activists. He has recently, as per the report, attended the function organised by the anti-government demonstrators to commemorate those people who were killed in the demonstrations launched against the government. It indicates that he has successfully created an image as a saviour among the anti-government force. It is clear that the unconditional support he is getting from the anti-government forces and protesters is making it difficult for the government forces to arrest the attacker. While speaking at the commemoration function, he has called for a general strike on July 18against the government led by President Nicolas Maduro. Mr Perez, in early this month, dropped grenades over the Supreme Court using the helicopter which he stole from the government. Notably, the attacker did not injure anyone during the infamous helicopter attack that jolted the country violently. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan government has named the attacker as a terrorist for the way he used to express his discontent over the authority’s policies. Earlier, the government alleged that an economic war was being faced by his government.  Venezuela has fallen into the clutches of the economic crisis when the oil price has unexpectedly plummeted as the country has been implementing several social welfare programs since the socialist regime’s induction without bothering to develop any profitable sector.


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Venezuelan SC bomber calls for a strike against govt