Published On: Thu, Apr 18th, 2019

Venezuelan socialist dictator allows humanitarian aid to enter his country

Venezuelan socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro, who previously objected the entry of humanitarian aid saying that his country was not under any humanitarian crisis, has allowed the entrance of the humanitarian aid after the latest negotiation meeting between the dictator and an International humanitarian agency succeeded to break the stalemate formed due to the unfriendly attitude of the dictator.

Earlier, the dictator alleged that the move to bring in humanitarian aid into his country was a sham. His opinion was that the move was carefully articulated by the west to topple his regime.

It remains unclear whether the dictator has changed his opinion or not. The possibility of a change in his attitude is very less.

Venezuela is under serious economic crisis. In the country, the shortage of essential goods is at its peak. What takes the issue from bad to worse is the shortage of drinking water. Due to that, the demand for water containers and purifying tablets is very high.

The latest humanitarian aid, among other things, has also addressed this issue perfectly. It has distributed water cans and purifying tablets.

Long queues have formed in the places where the humanitarian aid has been distributed –especially where the purifying tablets have been distributed.

Recently, the United Nations Security Council was informed that at least 20 per cent of the total population of Venezuela was in dire need of essential goods.

It is believed that the change in mind of the Venezuelan dictator is the natural outcome of the severe pressure exerted by the west over the socialist regime he leads.

The popularity of the Venezuelan dictator inside his country, as well as outside his country, has been consistently reducing for last few years.

What helps the Venezuelan socialist regime sail comfortably through this crisis is the support it gets from its military force.

There is an allegation that in order to keep the support the dictator receives from the military intact he channelizes anything and everything that is left in his treasury, which is supposed to be used to address the severe shortcomings his people suffer, towards the military force.

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Venezuelan socialist dictator allows humanitarian aid to enter his country