Published On: Fri, Jun 22nd, 2018

Venezuelan solders take control of ‘Food Markets’


In a bid to tackle the food shortage crisis which has emerged as a part of the economic crisis that has been affecting the country since the fall of the global oil market price, the oil rich country of South American, Venezuela, has deployed its soldiers in its food markets to make sure that the traders do not sell those food items, over which the government price control are in place, above the prescribed prices,

The deployment of soldiers in the market is the latest effort of the Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, to tackle the economic crisis and its after-effects such as the steady price hike of essential goods and the severe shortage of food items.

The President, while speaking about his government’s new program, has opined that the new initiative taken to tackle the shortage of food items has succeeded in securing the desired output.

Venezuela is suffering a severe inflation. Its inflation rate is the highest a country has suffered in the modern history. Most Venezuelans cross its border into the neighbouring countries regularly in search of food materials, money and essential goods.

The leftist Venezuelan government has claimed that the western countries have purposefully weakened its economy to defeat the will power of the citizens of the one and only powerful leftist country in the South American region. Meanwhile, its critics has alleged that the bad polices of the leftist leaders have destroyed the economy of the country.


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Venezuelan solders take control of ‘Food Markets’