Published On: Wed, May 3rd, 2017

Venezuelan supremo to revamp constitution

The Venezuelan government is one of the Latin American countries which are suffering the heat of the severe economic crisis. For last few years, the opposition parties have been conducting strong protests across the country demanding the resignation of its leftist supremo, Nicolas Maduro, who has allegedly brought the country under the clutches of the economic stagnation. Now, as a last resort to stabilise his position, the supremo is planning to revamp the constitution of the country. The opposition considers it as a tactical approach to acquire more powers to his position and to avoid the upcoming general elections in which he is expected to suffer a drastic failure as it is apparent that the people are unhappy because of the adverse effects caused by the crippling economy. It is not yet clear how will the government select the members of the citizen assembly, the proposed assembly which is set to be formulated to articulate the new constitution. It is alleged that the government, the socialist government, would try to infiltrate their members into the assembly through the undemocratic ways by the process of nomination averting all possibilities to arrange a democratic election to select the assembly members. Anyway, it seems that the new move is likely to invite severe opposition from the western world which is indirectly supporting the Venezuelan opposition which shares a capitalist view as that of their western supports.


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Venezuelan supremo to revamp constitution