Published On: Sat, Feb 10th, 2018

Venezuelans fear Columbia’s proposed border policy


Tens of thousands of people reach Columbia daily from Venezuela either to buy essential goods or medicines or to search for temporary jobs, as the country where they actually belong is in the clutches of severe economic crisis.

Venezuelans have been experiencing the shortage of essential goods and medicines since the sudden fall in the oil price.

The opposition parties blame the policies of the socialist regime as the reason for the miseries suffered by the people. Meanwhile, the ruling parties consider the sanctions indirectly imposed by the western powers and capitalist countries as the reason for the disturbing situation.

Anyway, if Columbia implements their proposed policy to partially restrict the entrance of Venezuelans who enter the country temporarily, it will worsen the situation of the poor Venezuelan people suffering due to the economic crisis.

It seems that the Columbian government does not want temporary settlers. It is clear that Columbia want the ‘border-crossers’ either to stay permanently in its land or to stop doing it.

Anyway, the proposed stiffer border policy of the Columbian government will prompt a huge exodus.

At this moment, it is not clear how will the Venezuelan government led by the Socialist regime respond to the present crisis.


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Venezuelans fear Columbia’s proposed border policy