Published On: Fri, Mar 16th, 2018

Violent protest breaks out in Madrid after migrant’s mysterious death


A state of violence has broken out in the Spanish capital of Madrid after the mysterious death of a Senegalese migrant, who was working as a street vendor.

The International media houses have reported that the migrants, mainly Senegalese young migrants, have clashed with the Madrid police force in the streets of Madrid.

The migrants, according to the report, have alleged that the death occurred after the police had chased the migrant. Meanwhile, the police have asserted that the migrant died of heart attack.

Anyway, the protest has been of a violent nature. The protesters has thrown stones at the official buildings, burned bikes, and damaged public and private properties.

At least nineteen people and ten police officials have been injured in the violent protest. As per the latest media report, none of them are in serious condition.

An International media house has quoted a protester as saying that the dead migrant reached in Spain at least twelve year ago and was working as an illegal street vendor since his arrival.

It seems that many migrant Senegalese protesters know the deceased migrant very well and has maintained a close relation with him.

A similar kind of incident jolted another European country, Italy, recently.


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Violent protest breaks out in Madrid after migrant’s mysterious death