Published On: Tue, Oct 16th, 2018

West exerts pressure over Saudi to reveal the fate of missing journo


The West, including the United States, has exerted huge pressure over the Saudi Arabian government to reveal the fate of journalist Jamal Khashoggi who went missing after his visit to the Saudi consulate situated in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Turkish authorities, who believe that the missing journalist was killed by the Saudi officials inside the Istanbul Saudi embassy, has conducted a raid with the permission of Saudi authorities inside the premises of the consulate.

Though the Turkish government has not recovered anything substantial that justify its assumption that the journalist was killed inside the consulate, it has asserted even after the raid that the journalist was killed inside the consulate.

The US representatives have visited the top leaders of Saudi Arabia to discuss the issue. The representatives have managed to convey the leaders the seriousness of the missing case.

A US media has reported that the Saudi Arabian authorities are preparing to give a statement that the journo was accidentally killed during an interrogation session inside the Istanbul Saudi consulate.

No other media houses have yet acknowledged the report released by the media house that released the information about the Saudi’s preparation.

The Saudi Arabia is one of the most unsafe countries for journalists. The missing journalist was the representative of a US-based media.

If it is proved that the journo was killed inside the Saudi consulate, the Arab nation will face serious troubles.



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West exerts pressure over Saudi to reveal the fate of missing journo