Published On: Fri, Feb 3rd, 2017

White House justifies US’ military operation in Yemen

The White House has justified a brutal military operation that killed nearly twenty-three innocent Yemeni citizens including minors, babies and women. The operation was reportedly carried out by the US military forces in some Al-Qaeda strongholds across Yemen in order to wipe out the militant force from the embattled Arabian country. The Yemen has been witnessing a terrible civil war between the forces loyal to the supremo appointed by Saudi-led coalition and Shia Houthi rebels since the country’s erstwhile dictator was dethroned after a rebellion fuelled by foreign powers.

It is told that the militant groups took a full advantage of the anarchy-like situation prevailed in the country due to the absence of a strong ruling regime, and established a parallel administration in some remote regions across the country. Anyway, despite mounting disapproval over the brutal violence carried by the US forces over the Yemeni people, the White House has strongly backed the action of the forces. Notably, this operation is the first such operation authorised by the newly inducted supremo, Donald Trump, who provocatively took some strong anti-Muslim policies and anti-immigrant policies. In that sense, the brutal operation and its shameless justification gain the attention of global media and invite wide flak. A local media reported that a heavily pregnant woman was mercilessly shot in the stomach by the US forces during the operation. Immediately after the news regarding the operation is publicised, the social media has been flooded with sympathetic images of the injured Yemeni civilians.






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White House justifies US’ military operation in Yemen