Published On: Tue, Aug 15th, 2017

Will Guam become the victim of NK-US rivalry

Now, the biggest question that is resonating in the global political hemisphere is that will Guam become the victim of the North Korea-United States rivalry. Today, Pyongyang’s state run media has published a picture showing the NK dictator, Kim Jong-un, reviewing the military plan to attack Guam, a Pacific territory owned by the United States. Meanwhile, from the media report, it is clear that the NK is simply trying to play pressure tactics. Observers claim that though it is not clear that how the NK supremo will act, the NK is not likely to launch a provocative attack against the West at this juncture. In the media report itself, there have been ample indications that the iron curtain country is not interested to launch an attack against the most powerful country in the world. Interestingly, the South Korea has, this time, acted in a sensible way by appealing for peace. It has requested the United States that the west should not attack the Korean peninsula without its consent. Political observers also claim that China- the prime ally of NK- also doesn’t want to see a war on the Korean peninsula. They add that the communist country fear that if the war breaks out in the Korean peninsula, it will prompt the Koreans to enter into China as refugees. They further add that Beijing also doesn’t want to see a West controlled Korea near its borders. At this moment, all eyes are at the US supremo, Donald Trump. What Mr Trump decides will decide the course of the world.


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Will Guam become the victim of NK-US rivalry