Published On: Sat, Jan 7th, 2017

Winter Skin Care tips



Tips that will help you manage the winter cold.

Go easy on the salt : Salt balance is incredibly important, which is why if you’re dehydrated, it can be a good idea to add salt.  But if you normally eat very salty food, you can knock your salt balance out of whack the other direction, which can cause dehydration. So ,if you are a bit heavy-handed with the shaker, cut back.


Ease up on the caffeinated beverages : Coffee and non-herbal tea contains caffeine, a natural diuretic, which can dry out your skin. Choose herbal tea or plain water to keep as hydrated as possible and your skin will improve.


Avoid moisturizers with petroleum: Mineral oil and petroleum jelly are both petroleum-based products, which mean they coat the skin, but don’t actually moisturize. Over time, your skin becomes unable to function normally without the unnatural oil slick; your aim should be to encourage the natural, healthy sebum production in your dermis.


Drink more water: The key to hydrated skin comes from the inside out. In warm weather, most of us think to drink more fresh water, since we may be perspiring, even when we aren’t working out. But since winter air is especially drying, it’s important to drink plenty of water during the winter too. “Water should be consumed at room temperature or warmer,” Arnett recommends, “and if you realize that you are quite dehydrated, add a small pinch of mineral salt to the water, which will help your body absorb it more effectively.”


Avoid soaps with sulphates: Naturally, you want to get clean when you wash, but you don’t want to strip the naturally protective oils from your skin.  Sulphates , which make some soap and shower gels foam up, remove your sebum, which you actually want to avoid.


Oil up: Adding oil, or an oil-based moisturizer to your body isn’t going to make you oilier; it supports skin and doesn’t block natural sebum production. Depending on how much moisture you need unless you have really oily skin, most winter skin can use some oil. Applying right after a warm shower will really help it absorb into skin.



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Winter Skin Care tips