Published On: Mon, Jan 22nd, 2018

Women marches jolt White House


Women marches occurred in the prominent cities of the United States have jolted the Trump’s White House, which has reached one year old overcoming several hurdle tactically this year.

Los Angeles, Chicago and New York were the prime places where the historic marches against the US President took place.

It seems that not many presidents have invited the ire of the women community of the country like the present President, Donald Trump.

Even, last year, on the day of his inauguration itself, he had witnessed several women marching in the streets chanting anti-Trump slogans.

This year, the event was much more coordinated than the one which had occurred last year across the cities.

While speaking to the protesters, an International journalist has found that those marched in the streets had many different reason to join the mob chanted the anti-trump slogans.

As per his observation, some believed there were problems in his policies and some others believed he was an anti-woman president.

There was consensus among the protesters in one thing, as per the journalist, that they all want the present president to be replaced with someone who is more sensible and acceptable than the present supremo.

Interestingly, the US President, though his twitter message, has urged the young women to celebrate the reduction in the young women unemployment rate his administration achieved.

Notably, a think tank has called the president’s claim as a lie, pointing out the fact that since the year 2012 the young female unemployment rate has been steadily marching downwards.


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Women marches jolt White House