Published On: Sat, Mar 11th, 2017

World suffering biggest humanitarian crisis since 1945: UN’s humanitarian chief

Reminding the world which is busy with creating dreaded war technologies and upgrading the military capacities that there are more serious things on which an urgent intervention is needed, the United Nations chief humanitarian chief, Stephen O’Brien, has warned that the present world is suffering a biggest humanitarian crisis, with at least twenty million people living in the war distorted countries is facing extreme starvation or similar miserable conditions. Somalia, Yemen, South Sudan, and Nigeria are the countries where an urgent global humanitarian aid is recommended. It is necessary to gather a huge sum of at least four billion US dollars to extend adequate help to these ailing countries. The vital information showcasing the need of an urgent intervention has been publicised by the UN humanitarian chief while speaking at a UN Security Council meeting. Earlier, the UNICEF identified that the life of over one million children living in the war distorted countries was in a deep crisis. It added that these children would confront a cruel disaster soon if they had not been given proper humanitarian aids. As per the latest report, the UN has not yet assimilated adequate funds for offering any concrete support to the suffering population. At this moment, it is not clear whether they are facing any fund shortage or any other crisis in accumulating the required funds. Anyway, the UN humanitarian chief’s reminder can be seen as a formal warning to all those countries who has put their priority in the defence upgradations over the social welfare, and as a formal request pleading support from those countries which has not yet succumbed before the evil of wrong prioritization.


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World suffering biggest humanitarian crisis since 1945: UN’s humanitarian chief