Published On: Mon, Dec 26th, 2016

World War Two bombs found in German city

In the latest recovery of unexploded WW2 bombs, a huge disposal of World War Two bombs was recovered in the German city of Augsburg. As per the report, over fifty thousand people living in the region were evacuated by the respective authorities in order to carry out the bomb neutralisation operation. Since the end of the bloody World War Two in which lakhs of innocent people had been brutally slaughtered as the world powers aggressively attacked each other, it was one of the biggest evacuations. The newly recovered bomb collection was found to have come from an air raid carried out in the city by the British forces during the year 1944.

While speaking to the media personals, the German police officials claimed that the situation is presently under control. They added that the bombs pose no danger to the people at the moment. According to the media report, the WW2 bomb collection was unearthed by the construction workers while they were doing some kind of construction work in the region. The report added that the workers immediately informed the concerned authorities followed by which the bomb squad rushed to the spot and took the situation under control. Meanwhile, Kurt Gribi, Augsburg mayor, through his twitter handle, advised his citizens to find a shelter outside the danger zone. Even though the preponderance of the people received shelter offers from their relatives and friends living outside the danger zone, some schools and sports hub voluntary opened their gates to give shelter to the people affected by the incident. Earlier also, similar unexploded WW2 bombs were uncovered in several regions across the country. In May 2015, nearly twenty thousand people had been evacuated from Cologne following the discovery of some potential WW2 bombs.





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World War Two bombs found in German city