Published On: Thu, Jun 7th, 2018

World’s first feminist government inducted in Spain


Even though each and every progressive state loves to speak about gender equality and the need of bringing this concept into politics, not more than three states (France, Canada and Sweden) provide at least fifty per cent seats for women in their cabinet.

Don’t you think that women deserve at least half number of seats in cabinets? Why no authority or society or system shows any enthusiasm to grand it?

Anyway, Spain is no longer answerable to all these sensitive questions. Why? Because, it has inducted the first ever feminist government in their country, conceding the fact that women deserve more than fifty per cent of seats and key positions in cabinets.

In the new Spanish socialist government which has been invited to control the helm of the European country after the ousting of conservative leader Mariano Rajoy as the PM over the corruption scandal which jolted the country, there are nearly eleven women in the seventeen member cabinet. Moreover, most of those women who have managed to be a part of the historic government have been granted powerful ministerial portfolios. In the socialist government which is set to be led by new Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, the powerful ministerial portfolios of defence, finance, economy and education is set to be handled by the woman ministers.

Can the feminist government survive the instable terrine of Spanish politics with just 84 supporters in the 350-member parliament?


Vignesh. S. G

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World’s first feminist government inducted in Spain