Published On: Thu, Jan 26th, 2017

Yellow fever outburst: a Brazil state declares emergency, orders vaccination  



The outburst of yellow fever has been reported in several remote regions in a Brazilian state, prompting the state authority to declare a state of emergency and order more vaccination in order to bring the situation under control. As per the report, nearly seventy yellow fever cases have been reported from the state of Minas Gerais of Brazil. Though the situation is manageable at this moment, if the situation is not properly monitored it may go off the track in coming days as more and more cases are being confirmed in each successive day. Presently, the disease is found only in the rural regions of the state. But, the chances of this fatal disease getting transmitted to other densely populated regions or other state are very high. The health experts have advised the state health authorities to check all possibilities of the disease getting transmitted. The yellow fever is a mosquito transmission disease. It is caused by a virus transmitted by mosquitoes.

The second phase of the disease is more severe than the first phase, as in the second phase the patient is likely to suffer severe jaundice, fever, bleeding and kidney failure. The symptoms of the disease very often misguide or confuse the physicians. The possibility of the patient getting diagnosed with other disease is extremely high. As per the report, the health department of the country has ordered nearly eleven million doses of yellow fever vaccine. It is learned that the department has taken all possible steps to bring down the risk. Those who are travelling to the infected regions are recommended to use the vaccine. It is impossible for the state to actively check the risk without the help and assistance of the external agencies as the country is currently suffering a severe economic crisis if the fatal disease spread to other states, so it is advised to take all possible step to control the spreading of disease in this initial stage itself; the country cannot afford to suffer another ‘Zika’ like disaster.



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Yellow fever outburst: a Brazil state declares emergency, orders vaccination