Published On: Fri, Aug 3rd, 2018

Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa retains his crown


The Zimbabwean president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who wristed the crown of the country after ousting veteran political leader Robert Mugabe, has retained the precious procession.

When the result of the country’s presidential election has been declared by the Zimbabwean Election Commission, the ruthless leader has defeated his close opponent, Nelson Chamisa, by at least seven votes.

As per a latest update, the Zanu-PF leader has grabbed almost 50.8 per cent votes while his young opponent has wristed less than 44.3 per cent votes.

The opposition parties have expressed their doubts in the election result. They have alleged that some kinds of malpractices have been done to change the course of the election in favour of the ruling leader.

Meanwhile, the ruling government has rejected all such claims and called for an new beginning.

The manner, in which the riot police forces -which supports the ruling- have behaved after the elections, indicates that the ruling party has something to hide about the election.

The police has used force against many journalists who have covered the incidents happened after the declaration of the election result.

There are reports that the government has rejected permission to the prime opposition candidate to make a public appearance after the election.

Anyway, the EU has expressed their doubt in the election result. However, China and South Africa have come in favour of the Zimbabwean ruling regime.


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Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa retains his crown