Published On: Tue, Aug 8th, 2017

Zuma survives 8th ‘No Confidence Vote’

jacob_zuma_1South African President Jacob Zuma survived the eighth no confidence vote to unseat him as the President of the country. Over his tenure off last 8 years since he was elected as the President of South Africa, he has been surrounded by alleged corruption, scandals and also accused as the main culprit behind the countries economic downfall. Yet he managed to score a narrow win with 198 votes in his pocket while the rest 177 voted in the favour of unseating him.

Though he survived a win this time, his future in politics seems unstable. ANC has been ruling the country ever since the white ruled ended in 1993. After his tenure he would be looking forward to pass the position to his ex Wife. But with public support and also many MP’s from ANC voting in favour of unseating him, opposition will look to grasp the moment.

Zuma has been accused of getting close to Indian Business family Mr Guptas, who have been involved in numerous number of scandals thats are against the governmental policies.


Azam Sait

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Zuma survives 8th ‘No Confidence Vote’